Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Domino Effect Of Links & Relationships

Link Building should and has to create a domino effect. Always keep in mind that a good solid link can direct your web page to more good solid links and hence, we should always focus our efforts to creating links that build links.

With the recent updates made by Google and other web ranking firms on their search engine algorithms, building good solid links is crucial in boosting a website's online presence. As well, I believe that creating links builds relationships on the web space. Though building such relationships is just simple and easy, sometimes we tend to overlook the simple and easy methods.

Usually, we link sites that are linked to us, allowing us to get more link juice. This method, however, like any other methods in link building and SEO, was abused that made it obsolete. Building relationships with other sites comes hand in hand with link building. You expect people whom you have done something good to do good deeds to you in return. If you link your site to other sites, those sites will link you to sites that are linked to them and they will also be linked to sites that are linked to you. It's actually more of a give and take relationship---giving others what is due to them after receiving some favors from them.

Though creating a link is a technical stuff, as not all laymen can do this task, you can hire a link builder to do it for you. But since the goal of building a link is driving people to our sites, we could consider a link more than just a work of a link builder. We may consider methods that will bring people to us as important as the link itself. One way of doing this is by promoting those who promote us. Here are five simple ways of accomplishing such task that can easily learn and use by beginners.

Five Basic Ways of Promoting Others Linking to You

1. Know what else to promote by keeping track of your links

You can keep track of your links, particularly your inbound links, using link analysis tools like Google Analytics, WordPress dashboards, and Webmaster Tools. Look for good linking sites, post some good comments on them, thank the webmaster, and share the article linked to your site on twitter, Google Plus, and other social networking sites. Directing people to sites linking to yours not only boost your traffic, but can provide a source of more good links as well.

2. Keep track of your social mentions

There are many tools available online for you to keep an eye on those who mentioned your articles. Off course, you may also find them manually if you choose to. People who shared or suggested your article or site through twitter and other social networks are worthy of your appreciation, which you can simply give by saying thanks. Try to return favor to those who recommended your site as a reliable source of information by sharing their sites or articles, too, or by making positive comments on their sites or about their articles. In time, you can have a bunch of followers who will keep socializing your content for the reason that they love your content and feel happy to share it because they are well appreciated by doing so.

3. Gain advantage from promoting what others like linking out

It is my firm belief that one can get benefits from promotion of what others being promoted. People whose sites or articles are mentioned by you will return a favor by promoting your sites or article, too. It's just like reaping what is due to you.

4. Get the attention of your followers with a great number of followers

You can promote your site better through people with a great number of followers. You can identify them either by using influencer tools or by looking at the number of their followers in their social network accounts like Crowdbooster and Twitter accounts. You can directly share your content to these people by tagging them.

5. Get the attention of little guys on your space

People with less number of followers than your top followers can also lend you a hand. So, don't ignore people who are trying to connect with you whether or not they have a great number of followers. More often than not, these people may ask you for an interview, write a post mentioning you, or ask you to write for a guest post. I personally observed and experienced such king of scenario. In fact, I became friends with some people who are linked to me. 

You may think that you would need to exert a lot of efforts, but may only get some minimal return. Off course, that's a possible scenario, too. Like any other activities or works, link building is not just a simple task. It necessitates hard work, patience, and dedication because a proper link that gives us traffic would not absolutely ensure a successful building and furthering of relationships. All that we can do is to do our part and hope that our efforts would improve our web presence.

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